My BOi –>>> Brian, was also up in the SpOt! That B0ttom, Lookn Goody, L0L! I think, i wanna Put D0ntay up in Him!




& 2 Of The Ugliest Men in the Music Industry were also up in the Spot, Brian C0x & JD!

7 responses »

  1. Jermaine Dupri SMH He might be ugly but he a lucky man he dated JANET JACKSON come on she look 100 times better then him she coulda done better SORRY JERMAINE u look like u got somethinn LOOL WWWJD *whass wrong with jermaine dupri* off madea go to jail 2009 lol LOL

  2. tastytiff says:

    cassie has a realy cute hair color. im glad diddy likes her, good for her!

  3. Bambi says:

    Yea she was a model before bad boy she was signed to ford models 1 of the best modeling agency in the world

  4. happier says:

    Did she model? She had that one song that one can say was a hit. She is definitely defining one hit wonder.

  5. Bambi says:

    Yea no movies & no music she should go back to modeling or maybe she happier been a professional jumpoff

  6. happier says:

    Can someone tell me what Cassie is doing besides P. Diddy? No music no movies no tv no thing. I dont understand.

  7. Rob says:

    What exactly does Cassie do? I she just a a professional jump off now. I dont understand how this bitch is relevant.


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