———>>> Erykah Badu showed up late for her concert at Atlanta’s Chastain Park and her fans paid the price.

E Badu and Bilal played Chastain Park in Atlanta on Saturday but Erykah didn’t take the stage until well over an hour after Bilal finished his set. Do you think the venue gave a eff? Think again. At exactly 11:05 Chastain Park cut the mic. Eyrkah, poor girl, thought there was a problem with the sound. Once she realized the venue had cut her mic she took her bows and exited the stage to a torrent of boos.

Lmao, Meatball!

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5 responses »

  1. Ms Molly says:

    Now thats fucked up…I hate that hollywood shit

  2. ssa says:

    No one booed..

  3. TashaNicole says:

    fix ya wig grwal!!! 🙂

  4. TashaNicole says:

    her hair sucks!!!

  5. austin says:

    Lmao damn


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