his BGC NAme  is –>>> liteeskin_sliim

here’S hiS Message 2 me –>> Goin thru shoutin out all the ugly mafucOka’s. so YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!. lmao. Bitch!


BimbO RespOnds:

Wonka, Wonka, Owww! Yess, i am a Ugly one! So, let me Hollaaaaaaa! Lmao! But, Na on a serious Note! When does school Start up again 4 theSe Kids? I feel sorry, for this Young No Mind- having Queen! This is what, he does on a Daily Basis, SAD! Send, Messages like this! I feel sorry 4 People like this, Who have to say bad things, about Others to make ther Self feel good about themSelves! But, I know, 1 Thing, Ims’ A Hot Bitch, 2 Shady Messages in 1 Day, Work Bimbo, LMAO! But, Na seriously lil boy, go Read a Book or something,  or Hell Make a Youtube Video Dissn me! Get Creative with it! Any way, Thnks 4 the Support, Owww!

pS:–>> if you’re gonna talk about, how bad somebody looks, at least, Dont have Photo Shoppd Pictures! I’ll probably, look As good as you, If i photoShoppd my Pictures too! But, the difference is –>> iM Real! juSt a Thought!

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13 responses »

  1. boogygetdown says:

    GWARL! like i said…dont entertain those who cant buy you drinks….and omg he def looks like golem from lord of the rings his damn self and bimbo you sexy stop callin yaself ugly lmao!

  2. Nisha says:

    You are right these little kids need to go to school he’s not even old enough to drink. I reallt think he like your swag just to stupid to say. u are just fine the way u are do u girl live life Wonka wonka oww……………………………..

  3. Ladylove says:

    He is a Meatball…… Next not worth the space on you site

  4. TashaNicole says:

    That nigga aint cute his damn self!! So he needs to shout his self out!!!

  5. moniquex333 says:

    He must have wrote himself a message too because last time I check he wasn’t even cute

    Smh at his lame ass `

  6. Baydeegirl says:

    Your So Beautiful Compared To Himmm, Get His Queen Ass Outta Here !

  7. IAdoreKathleen says:

    neither one of these two boys look gay at allll…. dats crazy

  8. Bethenny Frankel says:

    Another fake! I bet you the gwarl behind that profile looks like a Gabourey!

  9. austin says:

    Wow! What that lil boy said was not nice at all!

  10. Taelur says:

    Seriously Bimbo how is this lazy eyed jeepers creepers new jack city crack fiend called you ugly he is damn ugly his momma tried to abort him when he was six years old he is so damn ugly that his daddy wishes that he just got head instead of going all the way!!!!!!

  11. Pinky says:

    Wtf is wrong wit his face? People kill me talkin about people when they doin worse… Hunnie u look a thousand times better than this fool

  12. I love you Bimbo! That’s right use that hater as a stepping stone. You obviously checking for Bimbo asshole cause you took the time to type that shit and to watch his videos you probally on the DL that’s why you feel some type of way. Go finish beating your meat to Bimbo bitch. Google him baby he is a star and you a crab trying to get some shine!!!!!!!

  13. rosalie says:

    he looks like he has some issue coz of his small dick


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