Well, here’S A Picture 0f –>> hiS Body!

But, iMMa need 4 him to Clean that room! But, then again, who needs a Clean room, When you have a Bod Like that!


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25 responses »

  1. kjones12 says:

    sexyy body..??i will ride the hell out ov that dick

  2. Ricky dee says:

    Am in love wit dis dick.

  3. ahmed says:

    men i wish he fucked me although im a men men i just wanna see him does anybody knows his facebook or something else iwant that big dick in my ass for real its scary but just one time

  4. Anonymous says:

    Aye, imma girl i wanna suck yo dick

  5. Anonymous says:

    what a beast

  6. utunohno says:

    he is a headddddddddddddddddd banger, he can bang that head right against my everythangggggg, but papi needs a lil help with the fluff and fold, a broom and n mop

  7. kanye west says:

    i am famous but the truth is i am gay so i want to suck his huge dick

  8. salena says:

    i want to suck it

  9. dre says:

    Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm u sexy can I have sum

  10. ray says:

    man you full of shit dats not da same dick you lian ass nigga i got all da pics for the fool WITH HIS FACE! you full of shit

  11. Whoa says:

    Wutz his myspace name?

  12. lol.smilee.face says:


  13. Ms Molly says:

    MMMMMM…I can feel it in my wallz…..

  14. LoOnEyToOn says:

    Yeah im tryin to find out that Myspace name too! AAAOOWW! Umhum too sexy

  15. singlewife says:

    OMG! After he gets done with me, I’m cooking him chicken wings, fish n’ grits– I’ll hurry and go get it!

  16. SARAH says:


  17. Mimi says:

    Ya 4real whats his myspace name? I want 2 c more *licks lips* !

  18. Nisha says:

    body crazy

  19. martell203 says:

    @ don’t worry, can we get the MySpace name?

  20. SEXY RED says:

    YUMMMMMMM the things i would do 2 that big dick whats his name? I want him 2 go deep 😉

  21. IAdoreKathleen says:

    god bless him !!

  22. dont worry says:

    yes hes sexyyyy and he has nude pics up on his myspace pg

  23. martel203 says:

    You Right! And for that Therr, I’ll clean it up for him

  24. rosalie says:

    who cares about the room? u aint gonna live with him right…now gimme dat dick :)))

  25. martel203 says:

    Lol Bimbo, I was just saying the same thing then i scrolled down and read what you wrote. I was like”Damn he is hot!” Then i was like “yuck” “he needs ta clean that nasty ass room up!” lol


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