Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon & her Husband  –>>>> Michael Nilon are Two Big Meatballs! The 2 were spotted with their twin boys @ the launch of Disney/Pixar “World Of Cars Online”. 

in APril Garcelle sent out a mass email to her husband’s colleagues exposing his long term affair with some BIMBO in Chicago and then —>> last Month she filed for divorce!

But, y werr the 2 Spotted Out, the Other Day! Lookin Just as Happy! Imma need 4 Fancy to get it together! Fancy, if yur stayin together 4 the Kids, Hunny! It’s Not GOnna Work, Owww!

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  1. bxhonee says:

    I think its good she trying to work it out. Marriage is threw thick and thin. Its not always smiles and laughter.


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