LMAo! i Can’t, but According to  —>>> Baller Alert:

Singer Jahiem is One Nasty Dirty Fuck! &, not in a Good way! Ja, is Currently on the Budweiser Superfest Tour with Anthony Hamilton, Kem and Raheem Devaughn and he is the only artist that does not get him or his staff a hotel room when they go to different cities.  Ja goes, Days without Cleaning his Ass!

 Also, he is a Fuckd up Cheap Bastard! He gets to a city at 9am, he goes to the venue and eats the productions staff breakfast, lunch and dinner. When he goes to sleep he will lock his band off the bus.
Sometimes the band with get a room on their own dime, He will have the audacity to knock on the hotel door to clean up.

Jahiem, treats his Band Members, like they are his Worst Enemies! So, you Groupies, Been Warned! If you have Sex with Jahiem, Just Know, he Doesn’t Wash his Ass & Yu’ll be Licking a Pile Of Shit!  But, then Again, Some Folks, like that, WATCH MY VIDEO:

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5 responses »

  1. chrissysolovelysolo says:

    OMG..I have a crush on Jaheim..damn

  2. RedBoi says:

    Why you so messy lmao

  3. TashaNicole says:

    well damn. thats fucked up as hell!!!

  4. dadecounty says:

    Lol ooh no ma’am

  5. bxhonee says:

    jaheim is barely making it so evidently his band members didnt get into it expecting much.


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