Ms. Perry SayS:
“I resented the fact that she became so famous and so many people loved her, because I just didn’t get it, and I did not get her.”

“But these days grandmothers are much younger, and much busier. Back in the day, there were grandmothers who would be there for you, give you counsel, and I think that’s what she represents to a lot of people. Now I’m at a place where as long as the audience love to see it, I’ll do it. But the minute they stop coming – that old broad, she’s dead. She’s outta here. She is gonna die a quick death.”

Ms. Perry ——–>>> Puuhhhuhh Please, You Know, you Love Gettn up in That Drag Hunny & Madea Ain’t Goin N0 Where! So, Shut up & Hey, MAdeA  –>>> ThAt’s, ya Money Maker!

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3 responses »

  1. dadecounty says:

    Madea betta not go no where, I’d be sad 😦

  2. RedBoi says:

    Let’s be real Madea is the only reason I know Tyler P, if he wants to stay relevant than he needs to keep them stockings and lacefronts on!

  3. TashaNicole says:

    Madea aint goin no where!!! People love her simple as that, he know he does too!!!


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