Click herr & Tell Me, Your Favorite AALiyah S0ng:






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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Msdapradica says:


  3. Kristina says:

    Rock the boat & one in a million

  4. Renegade says:

    The One I Gave My Heart To

  5. LadyB says:

    If your girl only know, the one i gave my heart to, one in a million, rock the boat, 4 page letter

  6. Rock tha boat man hands down tha best song

  7. Jay-Jay says:

    Definately “ARE U THAT SOMEODY”

  8. lol.smilee.face says:

    I Care 4 U and 4 Page Letter

  9. eb says:

    Bey can scream and push the play button. Lip synch is her friend.

  10. NYC Girl says:

    oh and cut the bullshit.. beyonce is a vocalist.. that bitch can blow.. look it up or better yet go see her in concert.

  11. NYC Girl says:

    read between the lines, try again, at your best (REMIX), and what if

  12. eb says:

    @ …….. says I dont like Bey either. Bey is an entertainer and not a vocalist. The only song Bey has that I liked was Me, Myself, and I. some quality there. AAilyah just puts me to sleep. Maybe if she had been around long enough to develop something else then so be it, but cant get into or enjoy her work.

  13. RedBoi says:

    Most definitley One in a million! She was truly unique and stunning. I always looked at her like a sister so it hurts to know she’s gone forever

  14. Suggz says:

    Let Me Know Was My Fav. Plus From The Movie Atl ❤ R.i.P Aaliyah You Are Truely Missed But Never Forgotten !

  15. ........ says:

    @ eb… So all bey songs don’t sound alike? Aaliyah voice was like no other! Unlike the singers today they try tooo hard and don’t have anything new to say! Eb get the wax out cha ears!!

  16. dadecounty says:

    We Need a Resolution

  17. joy says:

    More than a woman

  18. eb says:

    Well I know I will be trashed for this, but all her songs sounded the same. Never liked any of them. Sorry. Just an opinion.

  19. Scoobs says:

    Can I Come Over

  20. WTF?? says:

    I care 4 you

  21. Pinky says:

    All of them! I love her if she was still here
    she would be bigger than all these stars

  22. flash says:

    she went in on this song

  23. sassygirl says:

    at your best

  24. kryskross08 says:

    If Your Girl Only Knew

  25. MilkieWayy says:

    Definitely “At Your Best (You Are Love)”!!!


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