Chris, I want you in my Bed, Not Pulling Clothes out my Closet! LMAOOOOOOO! &, by the way, How Many times, Do I have to tell you, No need to Scratch ya Balls, My Hands will Scratch them for you! But, Back to this Outfit, LMAAAAAAAAAOOOO! It’s a Cute Outfit, but on a Gay Dude! But, then Again, Most Straight Dudes are Dressing Like Gays, Now a Days, But Once Again, Lmaooooooooo &


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  1. Renegade says:

    Chris is sexy, but this outfit is dead.

  2. CookieLB says:

    the top of his outfit ..OK.. then seen the rest ,.. what the ****! totally dont match and who even but that jacket on him Take that off
    BUT N E WAY chris loves

  3. lol.smilee.face says:

    okay i know he has a personal stylist and i know he/she is getting paid so why in the hell does this boy have on an extra medium jacket… but his outfit is the least of my worries now WTF does rocsi have on

  4. NY BOI! says:

    eyy leave my manz CB alone e dont want ur gay ass ! shit u always thinking sum1s gay like 4 real u need 2 hop the fuck off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. NYC Girl says:

    Chris is too sexy with his big dick self.

  6. Anonymous says:

    damn thats nice

  7. Shammah_Blue says:

    Bimbo Bitch Your wrong! Chris Brown is FARRRR from gay. Again Bimbo, Everybody isn’t gay….
    Love you B!!!!

  8. 305fever says:

    Yeah bimbo u need to stop callin every man gay, you’re doing a disservice to the gay community.

  9. RedBoi says:

    Chris is still on his little boy steez I need a real dude like Carlos Jackson. He’s da truth!

  10. NoBxtchAssnes says:

    Me personally don’t like the outfit ; but that’s his style! I do believe that another gay man can spot out another gay man , but when you claim that every black male is gay its just a ridiculous fantasy ; not your gaydar! We don’t know if he’s DL or not, so let’s not assume he is! Shit like this is the reason why people don’t want to accept gays now, because they think we want to sleep with any and every guy we see and that’s not true for the majority of the community!

  11. ThatfaggotJohn says:

    Chris brown is looking cute and fabulous and i’m not saying he looks gay because you cant always assume someone is gay by the way they dress.. its starting to get real annoying bimbo, you think every black man is D,L and really.. hes dressing proper and not like some ghetto thug.. 10/10 on the outfit haha

  12. itsBRATZbitch says:

    I’d still let Chris fuck…and yaaaaasssssss to the dick grabbing *dies*

  13. LolalollipopchachaMonroe says:

    You are so wrong for calling him gay I love you Bimbo but you need to set ur azz down and step your dick game up CB is from VA AND THATS HOW WE DRESS So hop off his nuts meatball lol I still love you but I had to get you together gurrrrrl two snaps for me fix that mug gurl lol oxox

  14. TashaNicole says:

    My boo is so sexy. Uh, I love him!


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