———–>> Even Th0ugh, this Chick threw me —>SHADE! &, We D0nt get Along! I will Still Give Credit, where Credit is Due! Um, Keyshia Cole Sister —>>>  Elite_Noel, You Look Slighty Good in this Picture, Hun! That’S it! By the Way, Elite, What Happnd to this Song Gwarl, i was S0 looking ForWard:

Dariel Big Head Ass, Always Puttin his FAce in the CAmera! So, Cant Stand that Queen! i’LL Still Fuck Him though, Lol!

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3 responses »

  1. Jayelle says:

    Booooo song isn’t to bad but ummm…. whats with the scarf on her head and those two fools being all up in the cam?!?! Yuck thats not a good intro…. gagging

  2. Cookie says:

    i’ve seen better, worst pictures..lol /
    just kus keyshia can maybe sing dont mean her sister can!…
    – WHAT!!

  3. SKIPPY says:

    Kute Hair Style….But That Hand Look Disabled…Like The Guy from Scary Movie…”Take My Strong Hand!” lmao.


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