i Know, True Wendy WilliamS Fans are liKe, THANK GOD!  Nope, I lied!  Well, i really didn’t lie! She was on Radio 4 a day! Honestly, When some1 told me, Wendy was coming back to RAdio, i died! But, the Person who reported it, Was Some MEATBALL! Wait, Im using Meatball for a Good Term Now, Ah hell! Wendy, only returnd, back to Radio for a Day to Fill in 4 –>> Joan Hamburg  on –>> 710 WOR AM! WHO? Exactly! That’S  A PictUre 0f Wendy @ The Station, ABOve! Any way, Dont 4get Wendy Returns, Back With her SecOnd Season on Sept. 6 , i hear it’s Gonna get Messy! Wendy has built up a Lil More Credibility 4 herself ON Tv!  She can do her, a Lil More! Plus, i Hear DJ S&S is apart of her set! i So Cant Wait!

bTW –>> Wendy Twitpic a Picture of her getting a PediCure, Earlier 2day:



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  1. I like Wendy a lot because she is fun & fabulous and she do her show everyday when I watch her at 10:00 pm on FOX 13 and bet sometimes. she is a inspiration to me and I love her for watching.

  2. Kingdizzle4life says:

    Wut wen did she walk off the show and Damn!! Those sme fucked up feet lol!!

  3. BOOM BOOM says:

    Bimbo owes me a new laptop…. I just lost my lunch when I saw that picture. It looks like the feet of a hairless baboon.

  4. ThatfaggotJohn says:

    She did say something about her stitches busting open because she put on her heels too early after surgery but damn Wendy… thats not what I imagined at all, what bootleg surgeon did she go too?

  5. eb says:

    We did not need to see her jacked up hooves of feet. But since you showed them, you females out there that keep insisting on wearing shoes that are cute but hurt ur feet and bend your toes in like that, well those are gonna be ur feet in a few years if not now. See that scar. Looks like a surgery scar to me. Get ready females for the surgery. Now what man of yours is gonna be sucking on ur toes if they looking like that and rubbing ur feet if they looking like that. HELL TO THE NAH!!!!!!!! It aint happening. So just keep wearing those shoes and ur man can come suck on my pretty toes.

  6. Sharon says:

    Imma need for Wendy to NEVER do that again. WTH happened to her feet? Did she get her feet caught in a meat grinder? No bueno, Wendy, no bueno!


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