So, S0me Queen Posted this Picture on his Facbook Page! &, I just thought to My Self, What a Meatball! This is, exactly how & Why F0lks like this MEATBALL & AKA BRAGGER, gets Robbd, trying to Brag & shit! Ok, You got Money, like Good for you! Like, who can’t get Money! I mean, if you’re going to Front & Brag, Baby BRAGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, do it the right way! Child Pleeeze, That’s about $800, $900 Dollars:


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5 responses »

  1. Wonkaboobreezy says:

    no diss bimbo i love u and all but this does look like u, the forehead, the stomach the pose…… tho

  2. scoobs says:

    Thats his school refund.

  3. Pinky says:

    Ok so he emptied his life savings to take a pic. Wtf

  4. Sharon says:

    Put your rent money back…some people just do too much!

  5. Ladylove says:

    It’s probably his mammas rent money


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