W0nkA, W0nkA Nooo! YOu All Know, I love Lickin Feet & SUckin on TOes! But, that Foot Right therr, Ewww! What the Hell is G0ing On! &, We All ThOught –>> Wendy WilliAms had —>>> “BAD” Feet:


Wendy Feet lookS  –>>> Delicious, Compared to that Other Mess! Lmao, I’m Sorry YOU All About all the Foot TalK! You All Know, I love Me some Feet & SuCkin on SOme –>> toeS!

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4 responses »

  1. Blkcheeksblush says:


  2. Blkcheeksblush says:

    Wendy’s feel look like they got in a knife fight… and lost…

  3. NYC Girl says:

    both those things are horrendous

  4. eww!!! i’ma need for him to wear socks. and wats up wit wendy and all the scars on her feet?? must be from constantly wearing heels.


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