We LiKeS! DOnt 4get –>>> SEASON 2 0f –>> My Id0l Show –>> WENDY WILLIAMS SHOw starts, Monday Sept. 6, 2010 On LabOr day?? What the hell, But Owww! WE are so Therr!  Also, DOnt 4get DJ S&S is Now Apart 0f the Show, he will be Opening up the Show, Owwww!

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  1. RedBoi says:

    I hope now that Wendy was picked up for a 2nd season she drops the nice wendy act and brings out the radio Wendy we know and love. She needs to go in like she used to, plus hopefully she gets better guests

  2. NYC Girl says:

    i fell off my wendy show watching schedule.. but seeing as though a new season is coming.. i guess i’ll get back on

  3. ThatfaggotJohn says:

    I see Wendy finally upgraded and got rid of the Tackyness

  4. Tim says:

    I can’t wait until the new season of Wendy starts on Monday, thanks for the heads up Bimbo.

  5. Wonkaboobreezy says:

    YESS!!! i cant wait!!! 6 days and counting WHOOP WHOOP SHOUT IT OUT!!!!! Bimbo when you gonna go be in the audience???


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