Gwarl, Calm Down  —>>>> i’M Just reporting that, Y0u’re Planning to get More Sexy with your iMage for  —>>>>“Dancing with the Stars.”

Brandy tells Us:

“I’m so into it! I know I’m never going to look as sexy as I will on this show. You have to be sexy on this show!”

“I’m eager to learn! I can’t even sleep at night. I’m so excited to get in the studio!”

“What people don’t understand is I have never been a good dancer!” she told Us. “Dancing has never been one of my strongest points. With this show, you have to do things you’ve never done before, and I’ve never done anything like this. It’s a whole new experience!”

Her biggest fear?

“That first performance! When I get through that first performance, I think I’ll be OK. My daughter will be there and she’s very feisty; she’ll say, ‘Mom, don’t embarrass yourself!'”

BRANDY & SEXY….Hmm, is it –>> POssible?

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4 responses »

  1. chrissysolovelysolo says:

    Brandy…I can’t..i just can’t (In my BWH voice)..i use to like you in the Moesha days..but not anymore…Hoe go sit down..u are rich…go get married and make a family..but ur career is don don…Bye bye Brandy..we gonna holla my girl…

  2. RedBoi says:

    Let’s be real her body sucks she gots no ass and her face is too awkward looking. Her voice is beautiful so she should just do a gospel album where sexy is not required

  3. NYC Girl says:

    poor brandy… she on that show for washed up celebs.. there’s no turning back

  4. I dont think so. This bitch have never even been pretty so how u gonna be sexy. She got that pie face and she just looks weird.


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