Hey, FAITH Gwarl  –>>>>> it’S Bimbo WineH0use! You Know, I love you Gwarl! “As Soon as I get home” “You used to Love me” & all that good stuff! & I Understand, you were out & about At Sirius radio in NYC yesterday evening, promoting your new album “Something about Faith” which will hit stores October 5th. But, I’m sorry Gwarl All I could focus on was your Hair! I don’t know, who’s around you, But Gwarl, Some1 needs to tell you to 

                               FIX YA, WIG GWARL:

                         Yes, i did Gwarl! FAITH, i Love you, But that ——–>>> RED, Aint DOin it!


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3 responses »

  1. RedBoi says:

    Why she look like she straight jacked the Wendy’s girls lacefront. How dare she go out in public looking like a fucking Cabbage patch doll

  2. NYC Girl says:

    red hair looks good on her (she’s had it b4) BUT that lace wig is a mess

  3. not a good look. her and rihanna needs to stop wit dat kool-aid red hair!!!


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