Yeahhhhh  ——>>>>> She’S 28, AGAIN!

           Click herr, 2 Leave a C0mment!







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  1. NYC Girl says:

    no bitch.. she’s 29..
    she looks good in that pic too

  2. RedBoi says:

    I guess that means I win, lol I always get my way.

  3. Shauni says:

    Cyber Slap???..Wtf… O.k Its Clear that im talking to a Child, so i’m going be the adult and End the Convo. next time watch what comes out your mouth about my cousin. And Remember to stay in a childs place! LOL “Cyber Slap?”

  4. RedBoi says:

    @Shaunie bytch if I was nobody that makes u fuckin invisible. Bytch don’t make me cyber slap your punk ass

  5. Shauni says:

    @ Redboi , Thats Simple Cause your a NOBODY, if you were somebody you’d have better things to do than Shyting out the Mouth! 🙂

  6. RedBoi says:

    Lady Vixen you really don’t get the thread, girl he shading B by saying she probably lie and sayshe still 28 or something

  7. Lady Vixen says:

    Hello Beyonce is not 28. She was born in 1981. That will make her 29. Hopefully she may have a baby. Wish her and Jay all the best. Although he may be 40 I am quiet sure he is doing his duty. Hova!

  8. adrienne says:

    more like 38… tuhh

  9. RedBoi says:

    @Shaunie Bytch how you know I don’t know her or met her before…that’s right bitch you don’t.

  10. Shauni says:

    ? Wow….. we feel so strongly for people we dont know personally

  11. RedBoi says:

    Happy Bday B, hope Mathews dick is extra special on your lips tonight you whore


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