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  1. Lady Vixen says:

    OMG! Got to love it

  2. Ladylove says:

    Hilarous lol

  3. ThatfaggotJohn says:

    I’m just gonna hope you find that sponsor gwarl!

  4. ThatfaggotJohn says:

    hahaha.. ok

  5. LolalollipopchachaMonroe says:

    OMG LAQUEETA I been trying to reach you girl ur phone got cut off n e way james just got out and girlll he said he looking for you and I need you to call me so i can get you in this club for free

    ps how much you selling them food stamps for

    Love ya

  6. Chynnadoll says:

    Bimbo….I Can’t!!! LMAO!!! This is why we love you!!!!


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