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  1. HerBlissfulness says:

    This show was hilarious.

  2. eclecticjr says:

    First fo all, Bimbo You are a MESS AND I LOVE IT!!!..Fantasia needs help. Psychological help. Black folks always talking about theyneed church when a lot of them just need some therapy..REAL TALK, even though its still great to have an active spiritual lifestyle.

  3. RedBoi says:

    I’m mad at fanny not being real with us, why she gotta lie like we some fools. Like how Simon didn’t pay for her home, the fuck Fanny he done told entertainment tonight he helped you out. Also how she had a tumour in her throat… Is you for real fanny. Then she goes with her bad acting fake ass tears, that’s when I just couldn’t take it anymore, it was a rap this hoe was being all theatrical and shit and I know Wendy could read through the bull

  4. adrienne says:

    I was done soon as these girls switched shoes! LMAOOOO. But it was entertaining. and at least Fantasia gettin’ it together. Least she aint pull a Chris Brown and go on stage boo-hoo’ing!

  5. harlemthugmiss says:

    I’m over wendy and fantasia country ass. Wendy actin like the black ellen. Smiling and doin the dance for the white man and fantasia played herself wit that lil stunt. Sit yall asses down.

  6. Lady Vixen says:

    Well we all ain’t perfect. We all got our shit that need to be straightend out

  7. ........ says:

    Ppl kill me talking shit wen they don’t kno the person. How many men and women have told the other sex about they so called fucked problems. Shit my ex dogged his new girl nd now baby moms out soooo bad. She this she that. Do it look like I give a fuck. If she so bad why u wit her. But thats wat sum ppl do. They want u to feel bad for them. And @ the same time making u feel good that u giving them sumthing that the 1st chick can’t give them. I watched wendy loved it!

  8. TINK says:

    that show will be messy…i can not stand fanny…..after she lost her mind over dick that look kind of “HI U DOIN”

  9. adrienne says:

    girl YES!

  10. RedBoi says:

    I will be watching and Wendy better go in on her for her trifiling ways. She better have a damn good excuse to be stealing husbands or I’m not buying her album. Let’s be real I’m not buying her album regardless of what’s she says, but I will be listening very carefully to what she says


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