King Latifah it’S ABout dam time, for you to Come out the CLoset, Already! Imma Pull you, from ya Strap on & Bring you out, Come on, Mr. Hunny, Come On Mr. Hunny, COMMMMMME ON OUTTTTTT!

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3 responses »

  1. pookie628 says:

    she already did come out thats her personal trainer they once was talkin bout marriage and adopting at once

  2. Lady Vixen says:

    Well she was always private from day one. Beautiful woman. Just let her be.

  3. RedBoi says:

    Why does she have to come out? It’s her life and if she chooses to keep her sex life private then that’s her business. No one can make someone come out if their not ready, and Queen Latifah is such a sweetheart if she likes being under cover then so be it.


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