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  1. sOsUper says:

    Im from n live in New Orleans and if he turned yall on yall would really lose it if you saw somebody that really knows how to dance to “New Orleans Bounce” shake to it…cause oh boy was stiff as fuck!!!! LOL!!!

    Check this link out!!! this is how its done.. 🙂

  2. Tas600 says:


  3. Starr22 says:

    Man he was most likely in his dorm room. He doesn’t have much of a booty, but my dick jumped hehehe

  4. Idoubledk says:

    Uhm nope I not a ass guy lol

  5. Aahj says:

    is that how the do it in jail…or was that his bed room?

  6. MsSade says:

    he shakes it way better than me…nd shocked i saw a lil boy who looks about 10 doin this dance on another website

  7. RedBoi says:

    He be gettin it in, such a shame he has no ass!

  8. eb says:

    Where was this filmed? It looks like a jail cell or a halfway house with those cot / beds? What the fuck?

  9. Olivia says:

    ewww that was gross .. he looks as if he could be in a jail cell

  10. ThatVirgo says:

    ohh I need to be taken some lessons

  11. ThatfaggotJohn says:

    hell no… i guess i’m too much of a queen to even like a guys ass lol

  12. alashawn says:

    oh my word! I need to learn how to shake it like that!!


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