T0 –>> LeAVe a C0mment –>>

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  1. Ladyvixen says:

    Oh yes girl@ Smarie. HBO is the best! I like cat house too! HBO bimbo. You would do great.

  2. Smarie says:

    HBO Bimbo, you can be messy, sexy, say what you want do what you want! Plus HBO always has good sex shows and documentaries like Cat house, Real sex, and Taxi cab confessions! They currently DO NOT have any shows like that. I think your show would be funny vulgar, and relevant to todays young adults. Other net works are gonna try to censer you and change you to ” fit” tv. and your too funny and real for that ;D Love you doll xoox Smarie

  3. Carrots Sticks Aka ChrissySoLovleySolo says:

    Bimbo, I love the second theme song and guess what I find myself singing it to myself… OMG… I think you are too raw for t.v. and cable… I think you should go to Satellite radio and make some Howard Stern money… WONKA WONKA OWW… Oh yeah come visit me down south in Louisiana.

  4. sktruth says:

    I loved this video Bimbo, it was hilarious. Also, your new layout looks great~God bless

  5. missy says:

    u should be on showtime or hbo where u can say and do almost anything..ive seen brians show too, but yours is better! keep giving the best messiest show u can! love u, u fucking bimbo!!

  6. martell203 says:

    I didn’t hear anything about a tape in the video?!?

  7. Pinky says:

    bimbo sweetie listen to me… The first intro is better becuz the video doesnt even match the beat on the second one! Put it back honey!

  8. Taker says:


  9. tHeQueenBee says:

    you should be on vh1 or oxygen owww lol


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