DoeS’nt Shock me, DoeS it, SHOCK YOu? Um,  –>>> 

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  1. WasimJahi says:

    Meh. He’s in a skort. So what?
    Wasn’t in one for the OMG video?


  2. Ladyvixen says:

    Oh yeah I saw this on eyewitness news and on wendy if iam not mistaken

  3. Scoobs says:

    @redboi…Exactly, a pig could fly in front of my face and i wouldnt be phased.

    Anyway, those boots are very nice. Actually, the whole outfit is killer, i would change the skirt to pants.

  4. RedBoi says:

    Imma be real wit yall it’s 2010 and I can honestly say nothing shocks me no more

  5. virgoprincess says:

    He is extra thirsty for attention! As old as he his, please #sitdown Enough is Enough!

  6. Prince Harry Lombe says:



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