WONka, Wonka, Owwwwwwwwww! Um,  ->>

18 responses »

  1. Ladyvixen says:

    Very nice young lady.

  2. Anonymous says:

    U did that Miss…love’d it…

  3. RedBoi says:

    Don’t I feel dumb, I just heard neyo perform this on 106 and park reunion. Here I thought you wrote it lmao, ur singing was aite

  4. Anonymous says:

    voice resembles neyo alot in this ong.,. very nice!

  5. RedBoi says:

    Hot!!! I can see Keri, Dondria or any r&b artist singig this song. You got potential as a song writer, vocals are alright you could really use some range highs and lows you feel me it could be great


    Neyo took the rhythm from the TruthHurts “Addictive” to make this song lol

  7. gaga lo says:

    wooooooooooo shit she like da dammmmm thang bt other than this she never gave me a kiss

  8. Idoubledk says:

    Girl u had me rockin to dat shit baby u killed it …….do the damn thang

  9. ShidaBaddest says:

    Umm…BigStacks, Thanks for yur thoughts. I appreciate the hate ! I will LOVE to hear you do better !

  10. dmaria says:

    Love it! She is pretty and she sounds good without the effects of a studio….she is not a studio singer…..

  11. bigstacks says:

    eww no just.. no

  12. Franche' says:

    Wow! Okay black china doll you can sang girl! Bless yo’ heart. You can have a bright prosperous future in front of you. Please make sure you got the right people managing you and learn the business. Blessings.

  13. Nisha says:

    She rocked that song go on girl……………

  14. ShidaBaddest says:

    Thankx A bundles Guys ! Nd Bimbo, Boo, I loveee you !

  15. Sharon says:

    She ROCKED this song and she has a beautiful voice! Wonka, wonka, owwwwwww!

  16. virgoprincess says:

    ok. I’m feeling that!

  17. simply red says:

    is it me or dis chick sounds Chris breezy.. ?!? me like ie! keep doing it boo x

  18. bxhonee says:

    i love that beat


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