Oh, hi WILLOW SMith! yes, i Love your SONg,! But i Must FOCUZ ON ya Momma Attire! She Better WERK, Go head JADA! Owww! Um ———>>

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  1. Ladyvixen says:

    Wow I didn’t even know that was Jada. She looks a little bit too strong in her face. And I agree with CarrotSticks AKA ChrissySoLovelySolo that she needs to stop with all that fixing things that don’t need to be

  2. joy says:

    Lose the coat and neck scarf, but other than that, I’m lovin it! And as far as willow, she’s on point with her rockstar look! And her single is very cute! So bimbo….what’s up with those wonka wonka owwwww and fix ya wig gwarl shits? They would give me life! When u branch out into merchandise, PLEASE don’t forget us plus size girls and dolls! I have a few designs i’d like to send you as to what I imagine they would look like. Since you ARE bimbo whinehouse, they CAN’T look regular lol

  3. Scoobs says:

    ^^^ trying to correct someone and cant type lol.

  4. Scoobs says:

    ^^^ tryibg to ridicule someone and cant spell…

    That hat , purse and jacket are serious

  5. bxhonee says:

    i love jada! i couldnt care less about the kid. hope this is the firest and last we hear of her.

  6. Michael Anthony-Donnell Bond says:

    yes she do look like jeeper creepers lil sis wit da hat but wtf willow looks like a cat mix wit a tiger

  7. Carrots Sticks Aka ChrissySoLovleySolo says:

    Okay, Jada.. I commend you for keeping yourself up physically. I can tell you work out @ the gym… but its looks like you are going under the knife…. STOP DAT.. CUT IT OUT… You are a beautiful sister… you dont need that… you are starting to look unrecognizable.

  8. MzImzDoinMe says:

    She looking like jeeper creepers lil sister with that hat on!!! LOL


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