Nicki Minaj ——> Gave me Life, when she Showed up to the ——–>> BET Hip HOp Awards, this PAst Weekend! She’s Gorg! Love her Look, i Really D0nt care f0r that Music though, LMA0! But, her LooK, WOnka, Wonka, Owww!

3 responses »

  1. Kat Double Stackz says:

    Bimbo your’re such a hipocrite!!! I remember not too long ago you used to play nicki minaj and talk about how wack she was and how much you couldnt stand her, you would even say he so called compitition “keys” was better then her smh

  2. Ladyvixen says:

    And where is the ass at? I mean it was growing out of her @ he VMAs so where is it now? Why she look so crazy. She is very pretty without that makeup. There is a place downtown Brooklyn where the guys sell cd’s and there are pic of all the celebrities b-4 they got big and after and nicki is gorgeous. The place is near flatbush ave extension.

  3. cornbread404 says:

    I gotta agree wit u on dat one she look good ass hell but u kan tell somebody writes her shit and her delivery is korney


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