FOlks, Just KnOw! i got all this From –>>!  thiS Read, iS Very Long, But Its’ On my Site, So YA kNow  —>>> It’S MESSY, from Beginnin to END!

Aight, Here We Go:
I received another interesting email today. This time the email is about former Hot 97’s morning show host, Miss Jones. I don’t know the validity of this story but again it was interesting so I decided to post for my readers. And as always, the emails I post are in no way a reflection of the NYC Gossip Girl (me) or! So here is how the email goes below! I’m sure you are aware of Miss Jones now doing radio in Philly. I HATE this woman with a passion. She comes off as if she is better than everyone. She is a bitter bitch that takes pleasure in taunting others. If you’re on facebook, check out Life After Jones book. My niece works for the Dept. of Human Services in NJ and came across Miss Thing currently is being investigated for Welfare Fraud. She failed to report her income (Power 99) and collected close to $700 a month in foodstamps. She makes well over 115K. Unfortunately, my neice can’t provide the paper b/c it will be tracked to her. However, I PROMISE you this is valid. I ask that YOU PLEASE blow this bitch’s spot up.

If you aren’t interested I’ll send it to the NY daily news. I also, have her arrest record(including this year’s arrest) if interested. My response? Woowwwww!!! I did have an opportunity to try to do some research on the welfare fraud thing but came up empty handed. However, I did come across an article about Miss Jones getting arrested for trying to run her husband over via—->>> If  you are interested in that story, read below:

 Well I’ll be dammned! Miss Jones has lost her posh job at HOT 97, among other recent hardships, which is embarrassing enough. But, now I hear chick has sunken to an all new low. Guest Blogger K.I.M. got the scoop.
Ms. Jones dumb ass just got out of jail in New Jersey for trying to run her husband over with her car (WTF! crazy b*tch, don’t she watch Snapped? Old girl in Texas got life for that shit, but hey maybe that’s where she got the idea from, smh!) and the funny thing is the person she had to call to bail her out ($50,000) is one of the people she used to trash the most.

What the call probably went like…

Hello this is the New Jersey county jail and you have a collect call from (between muffled cries and nose sniffing) Tarsha, Ms. Jones……Haaaaaaaaaa. The person that bailed her out is really a good person cus’ had it been me, I would’ve left her ass there and called Wendy Williams and/or Star & Buckwild to blast her ass. Hold up! i wonder if she called Busta first… nawwww i doubt it didn’t she say he wouldn’t even share his egg sandwich after sex? ROTF LMMFAO!!!! I’m still tripping…. I mean damn, she got fired in New York, then Big Boys Neighborhood replaced her show in Philly, now she trying to run mothaf*ckas over in cars, talk about downward spiral… Do unto others people cus’ you never know who you will see or need coming down that you ran over going up. WAIT!!! ‘ran over going up”…..she’s been running over people for a while, i guess she just now getting caught!
&, then:
 Oh My God!!! Earlier this week I posted an article about an email I received from a reader who had some choice words for Miss Jones. Not only did this person email me some comments about Miss Jones but they had court documents to back up their claims. If you missed out on that (click here). So what do I do as a reporter? I post the documents along with some other research I found on Miss Jones from another site as the article. Can you guess what happened next? Well, I get a phone call from one of my partners and they tell me they just received a call from Miss Jones herself asking to speak to the legal department. I had no idea where my partner was going with his conversation but before I could ask he basically tells me to remove the pictures I posted of Miss Jones’ court documents. He told me the documents had her social security number on them and it was an invasion of privacy. I started to get nervous because one….it wasn’t my intent to invade anyone’s privacy and two….I had no idea that her social security number was listed on the documents!


 I’m guessing Miss Jones might have it in for me since I posted some court documents that apparently had her social security number on them. Please let me say this again…..I HAD NO IDEA HER SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER WAS ON THOSE COURT DOCUMENTS!!! I will say however, that I contacted my own lawyers in regards to this matter and I’ve been told that court documents are a matter of public record. So if I decided to post the court documents I can but I have to make sure her personal information such as social security number, her address and so forth must be obscured from other’s so it wouldn’t be considered an invasion of privacy. Only her name and general information such as the crime, charge, arrest and case number can be displayed. I have no problem with that. But let me first tell you I have no reason to bash Miss Jones. There is no gain in me having something to say about Miss Jones. I’ve met her one time in my life on one of her boat cruises and she was pleasant. That’s the extent of my relationship with her. I don’t know her, her family or friends and I definitely have no beef with her. However, the public has another story and it’s coming out through their emails!It has come to our attention that you are posting private information of our client Tarsha Jones, also known as Miss Jones, on your website . These court documents that you have posted on your website has private domestic issues as well as our client’s social security number on them.
I received not one, not two but three emails about Miss Jones from an anonymous source. Whoever this person is clearly states that they hate her. They told me Miss Jones is currently being investigated for welfare fraud for receiving food stamps benefits but earns well over 115k a year! Not only did they give me the information about Miss Jones’ food stamp fraud but they told me she was arrested earlier this year because she tried to run her husband over with her white Mercedes Benz!!! I know if anyone else heard that or read that information they would have said something! This person sent over pics of Miss Jones and her husband as well as pictures of the actual court documents. I mean, this person was serious!!! Here are a couple of photos I was sent of Miss Jones and her husband at a birthday party below:
     Your unauthorized use of this material on your website is in violation of her privacy. If you do not immediately remove these documents from, and notify us in writing through e-mail that you have done so, we will have no choice but to pursue legal action against you. We require the court documents to be removed and notice given that such has been removed, by no later than October 8, 2010.
Joshua VanBuran
And if that wasn’t enough, I get another email from another lawyer representing Miss Jones by the name of Kevin E. Hexstall…check his email out below along with his contact information:

I was on my way out and told my partner that the documents would be removed from the site when the emails started to pour in from lawyers representing Miss Jones. Here is how one of the emails went from a person by the name of Joshua VanBuren below:

 Dear Vivian, Please be advised that I represent Tarsha Jones (Miss Jones). This correspondence is a formal notice of my request that you remove the illegally obtained court documents (which display personal information) from your website immediately. 

I couldn’t believe it! If I would have known better, I would have ignored the email I received about Miss Jones getting arrested and went about my way but the email was interesting and now that I’ve been contacted by God knows how many lawyers I think I was onto something. Here you have a woman who’s whole career is based on outing individuals but the minute someone outs her she has a conniption?! Wow!! Where they do dat at? Please feel free to leave your thoughts!

 i say ————>> WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Ladyvixen says:

    What in the world is she doing recieving food stamps? And then tried to run her husband down. What the hell? Ms. Jones get it 2gether b-4 things get wayyy out of contol.


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