Um, ————————————————–>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


4 responses »

  1. RedBoi says:

    Shout out to all my Scorpios, you know we run show!

  2. Ladyvixen says:

    Hold up wait a minute! This is crazy shit! Y is it that raz is talking after all these years? Makes me scratch my head.

  3. cornbread404 says:

    Them mufuckers don’t need to talk to u like dat raz I got u son kall me 832 638 8906 I bet this shit will stop yo

  4. J-Day says:

    Bimbo I have to say that if no one else loves you boo I do!!!!! lol you sounded like Monique towards the end when you went on that rant and I loves it!!!!!

    “RazB the next thing you better do is make a tape of you sucking a fat dickkk….and it betta be mines” YASSSSSSSSS!!!


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