A federal judge TOLD T.I  –>>> Enuff is Enuff Nigga! the Judge handed down a sentence of 11 months in federal prison to rapper T.I. 2day, T.I. will remain out on bond while he appeals the sentence. UM, HONESTLY, I DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR T.I! IF THE JUDGE, CONTINUES TO ALLOW HIM TO GO FREE, HE WILL CONTINUE TO BE THE MESS HE IS! HOPEFULLY, AFTER THIS 11 MONTH BID, MAYBE HE WILL FINALLY GET IT TOGETHER! BUT, MY PRAYERS WILL BE WITH YOU T.I! YO ————————————–>>>>

5 responses »

  1. henry says:

    thats gonna be some good boi pussy in jail with that tight little ass of his

  2. virgoprincess says:

    Damn shame!

  3. lisa says:

    um, i guess he’ll learn the hard way.
    his music is very mature, you think he’d practice what he preach

  4. Ladyvixen says:

    T.I. Really got off easy the first time with those gun charges. Secondly, anyone else would still be doing their time in the bing right now. Thirdly, just because u r a entertainer doesn’t mean u r invincible. Last but not least that stunt that u tried to pull with the man who was suicidal and talk him out of killing himself was not going to allow u to get another meal ticket home. Sorry man do ur time.

  5. Nate says:



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