Such a —————————>> Pretty DiCk! I love a Greasd Up DiCK!

15 responses »

  1. Vincent says:

    Why does the info provided in your infiomatron always appear to be a matter of history? You are offering me info about upcoming Firefox 4.0b7, which you note is delayed until December, while I am now running Firefox 4.0b8. Maybe, there is a difference in the tree matrix and I am on a different limb?

  2. lorrence says:

    dhat mutha fucka nice!!!!

  3. sa says:

    that looks like a dildo!

  4. ayeeeeeeee says:

    i dont think that’s real… i have a dildo that looks like that…


    is dat real?

  6. wokawokaewwww says:

    it looks ready to go up my ass

  7. Ladyvixen says:

    Okay it looks pleasurable. But i’ve had bigger and thicker. Hope he knows how to work it!

  8. mS.jAY says:


  9. eb says:

    Suck it with the grease on it bitches. Let him know u a freak and he loves it even more. That is what a down bitch does. Rest of you hos cant do that then keep your asses inside where you belong.

  10. James says:

    OMG!!! hUNTY I would say YES…

  11. Dre Bay bee says:

    Dat nigga dick is HUGE id suck da shit out of it thoo !!

  12. Adrienne says:

    FUCK YES!!

  13. Slowjamz says:

    Oh that’s real nice……lol

  14. sackstacks says:

    looks like mine! I wouldn’t suck that though looks greased up maybe a good stroke for my sexy buddy. Wash it off baby, then i’ll suck that dick. *wink*

  15. MikeBully says:

    Oh hell yeah!!!!! thass a nice Fuck’n dick!


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