We all are going through S0mething! So many Folks, try to act like there Life is so Perfect! But, let’s all be Honest! We all are going through Something in our Life! Yes, My Blog is about the Celeb’s, the Big Dicks, & Jokes, ECT! But, once again, Like I said, We all are going through something! Whatever it is! You all see the Jokes, the Laughs, but Trust BIMBO WINEHOUSE is going through something! But, something that always Makes me feel better is a Drink & Some good Ol “FEEL BETTER” Music! So, hopefully, just for a few Minutes out your day, Hopefully this Music will make you feel better, As Well! So, I introducing ————->>> My New Section:

               “FEEL BETTER” VIDEO 0F THE DAY!

       SHUT UP! ————————————————->>>>>

2 responses »

  1. sktruth says:

    So nice of you to include this on your blog Bimbo. You’re right, we all are going through tough times, but I hope that whatever you are going through, it will get better for you soon~ We adore you honey~God bless

  2. Ladyvixen says:

    Thnx bimbo u r such a cool caring person. Love u for that


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