SHUT UP! —————->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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  1. RichieRich says:


  2. Ladyvixen says:

    Well I think that both maybe gay. But I could be wrong. And if iam I would pick guy #2.

  3. mS.jAY says:

    dude 2 cuz dude 1 got a big ass 4head um um

  4. eb says:

    Dude two only. Stop it with the color contacts if they dont look natural.

  5. MsTaurus says:

    I love there tats.

  6. Dre Bay bee says:

    #2 duhhhh ain’t no question about it !!

  7. Slowjamz says:

    Number 2 Boo!!!!…… the things i would do to him

  8. Princess says:

    Dude 2 is sexier but dude 1 has pretty eyes but not as cute as dude 1

  9. Pinky says:

    Dude 2 hands down!

  10. tHeQueenBee says:

    dude number 2 cus he packin &sexyy but dude #1 got sum nicee eye i like his eyes alot 🙂

  11. martel203 says:

    #2 all day

  12. BLAQUE CHOCO says:

    DUDE 2

  13. kjmleo says:

    def dude 2! the things ill do to him! GOODNESS lol

  14. MikeBully says:

    Numba 2 sex is and look at that dick!

  15. sackstacks says:

    dude 2,that bulge ugh such a turn on. I like his face too

  16. Aj says:

    I think #2 is the sexier one, Both are attractive , but #2 is sexier ….

  17. Taelur says:

    Dude 2 his bulge is bigger and his tattoo is sexy

  18. Anonymous says:

    definitely dude 2!! dude 1 kinda uhh

  19. cornbread404 says:

    Both look a lil feminine and what nigg would be them kinda trunks on the beach where the basketball shorts @

  20. Jasmine says:

    Dude 2!!!!!!!!!!


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