Um ————————–>>>>>>>>>>> D0 YOu POSE at the GAS STATiOn? BUt, to Be Honest, I’ll FUck Him, lol!  SHUT UP! ——->>

12 responses »

  1. random says:

    he would need to gain a lil weight but ill still fuck him

  2. random says:

    first i wouold have to get him to gain weight shit like he is so damn skinny. then fuck him

  3. Tha Baddest says:

    They upset cause this queen look ah mess.! [bottoms] these days..!

  4. dinari major says:

    *as i file my nails* lmao its peity shit like this that makes me wanna run a bubble bath and just realx. lmao!!! u stoopid fags could sit here and scrutinize me for pumping gas!!! wtf huni i dont have to try and be cute that cums easy..and too much,for who? a timid bitch like u who is lacking the mental copacity to take me and btw men have enough BOTTOMS like you which is y u single and bitter.they cant get enough of me tho..sweetie please, flaws and all u hoes are forever at my knees. Sum1 get the raid these bitches should be sprayed…

  5. RachelRaiyeWaters says:

    So, this is definitely one of my best friends in the world! Though I wonder: who took this pic of him pumping my gas back in 2009?? Yeah, he’s a queen, but that’s just it; he IS a Queen. Gorgeous, golden, glamorous, bohemian butterfly of the universe! Clearly, none of these late ass fags with negative comments can take him (like their faces can’t take MAC cosmetics. Mostly because they CANNOT afford it). His name is Dinari and he is EVERYTHING most of you so called “queens” aspire to be; like bold. Out. Proud. I guess everyone else is still out here competing and playing catch-up with ketchup stains all down their geishes. It’s such a pity, really. Now, SOMEBODY PUMP THE BEATS!

  6. Devante says:

    And further more all y’all wish y’all could bring that kind of class, grace and poise to a mere gas station in disgusting Cleveland ohio. get over your selves please he’s definitely one of the most gorgeous people I’ve ever seen

  7. Devante says:

    I know him in real life and he is a great person and gorgeous

  8. Idoubledk says:

    Look like soulja boy I wudda said a gay soulja boy but we all kno he ah queen

  9. zena says:

    he is just too much and he need to work on that face.

  10. RedBoi says:

    He needs to check his Acne before he even attempts to be cute!

  11. sackstacks says:

    ew.. he look so stupid for real, men need a real bottom like me i don’t do that shit!!

  12. Ladyvixen says:

    Alright! How u doing!


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