I knew  ———>> MS. Fred was a Big OL Queen! &, LADIES, Don’t b Shockd! You All Know, SOme of ya, do this to your MAn! &, Yes this MAKes him Gay, MEATBALL!

13 responses »

  1. SASHA FIERCE says:


  2. jamacian cutie says:

    lol this is classic

  3. Harlembrown says:

    whoa !

  4. Ladyvixen says:

    Not the flintstones! What’s next the Jetsson’s? Or Thundercats? And don’t say Heathcliff.

  5. adrienne says:

    LMAO! No u didnt!

  6. MissKris says:

    Hope she put enough lube

  7. ms.jessica says:


  8. Jo Mama says:

    Would have been better if Barney was dickin Fred down. LOL

  9. eb says:

    Dont you ladeis wonder sometimes when you be sucking ur man’s dick and he dont mind having his ass hole played with and fingered?

  10. RedBoi says:

    Oops and I bet Wilma be a straight up dike too

  11. Evilbunnie B says:

    I have this theory that the Queen of Hearts from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland is just Fred in drag.

  12. grody says:

    But that is Betty slayin them cakes.

  13. sktruth says:

    Oh lord! Bimbo why boo why lol~


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