————->> Smith said, thiS Picture WAs Taken, Last night b4 She Performd! CUTE GWARL! But, All i Could FOcus on was that Queen, standing behind her! Young, Light Skin & Pretty, Just the way i Like em, lol! SHUT UP BIMBO! ———————–>>>

6 responses »

  1. Ladyvixen says:

    Beautiful little princess.

  2. LennyLove says:

    lol! Shut up bimbo! u is crazy.. anyways, willow is so adorable she looks like her mom and a lil mixture of her dad..

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ok I Like her now

  4. Miss_Imfixinma_Wig_Gwarl says:

    I love that Willow!!

  5. tHeQueenBee says:

    awww she loook soo cuteee :),,yess bimbo get em lightskinn niggas but spanish could taste better

  6. RedBoi says:

    Lol Bimbo u crack me up! He cute though, kinda on the Diva side from that pic


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