hi, It’S Bimbo here! Hey, Chris Listen! Imma need fOr you to Fire your Stylist! Also, Imma need for you to stop acting like, youre Stevie Wonder, do you not see the shit you’re wearing, Earth to Chris Brown, youre dressing like a Big ol Queen! Bimbo Wear the Leggns! Imma need for my Future Baby Daddy not to wear Leggns! Don’t get me wrong, it’s Fab, But Hello that outfit would look better on me! So, Get NAKED! SHUT UP BIMBO! ————————————————>>>>

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  1. khonsu says:

    you say some really ignorant and ironic shit! all youre doing is perpetuating homophobia, sexism when u try to tell men what they can wear what do u wear? and whats the difference… 😦 so sad

  2. J-Day says:

    He gives me vacant death light T’s

  3. Ladyvixen says:

    It looks like he may be modeling for a up and coming designer or a designer ask him to wear it to help boost their line of clothng. I was thinking on those terms.

  4. anna says:

    i completely agree bimbo…..his ass is too fine to b dressin lyk he cant see….so chris u need a new ass stylist(quick)!!!!!!

  5. LennyLove says:

    Yes! Bimbo i agree, when i first saw this picture i had the same reaction. im like Chris honey please change this look. he does looks like a big ol queen lol.

  6. nisha says:

    I love it stop hating he is wearing it and i don’t think he plays on your team go Chris. Also his style can use some help with certain outfits but go Chris holla at your girl in 10

  7. TIANA says:

    NOOOOO….. Those pants/leggins or whatever they r,r horrible!

  8. msmindyourbiz says:

    Nope. cuz if its cold enough for three thick ass layers on top, it cant ALSO be warm enough for capris—–#stopmixinseasons

  9. RedBoi says:

    He’s getting black men more comfortable with fashion,he’s paving the way so Bimbo imma need u to lay off him

  10. Victoria skinner says:


  11. zsa zsa says:

    i agree bimbo!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Now Bimbo u kno im wit u on mostly everything…. but I LOVE Chris style…..

  13. MSLADY says:

    LMAO! Agreed!

  14. Anonymous says:

    I agree 1000% Bimbo..I’m about tired of seeing Lil ole Chris in manpris–>(capris)


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