Awww, i Miss them DAys, of havin a Boo by MySide! NOw, it’s Just me, Mr. PAlmer & his Five Sons, if you know, what i mean, LMAO! SHUT UP BIMBO! ————————>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

20 responses »

  1. they are a cute couple…both of they asses find as shit lol…

  2. CuteCoupleBoy says:

    OMG!! thats me!! & my Friend a year ago on New Years! ’09 whoever put this pic up is mad late. Follow me on twitter tho @CallMeKingDom

  3. LennyLove says:

    omg i swear the finest men be the gayest ones lolz why lord why? especially the one with hat he is so cute. dammit!

  4. kel says:

    @martel203 ^_^

  5. martel203 says:

    @ Kel, I’ll be your bf

  6. TIANA says:

    @ mzstepanie I feel the same way that’s so not fair!

  7. Ladyvixen says:

    Gurl don’t feel bad. @ mzstepanie comment. I know the feeling of liking a guy and he let me know he Is gay. I still love to look though regardless.

  8. mzstephanie says:

    Y all the fine ones gotta be queens i don’t get it ughh I’m jealous lol

  9. Anonymous says:

    yll bitches cant take wat if they are fucking eachother having their cake and eatting it too… and bimbo for u not to go to balls u sure hve a lot of pics of them… whenever ur ready to go to one or talk more about them hit me on the book fb jahad arealman foreman… u know wat message me

  10. MSLADY says:

    Absolutely adorable!

  11. Ummmmmm They Are Cute But Ummm…. Whose The Top?! I See Purses… Just BIG GLAMOUR PUSS PURSES! lol No Shade Tho These Two BTTMS Is Cute Out Tho lol

  12. adrienne says:

    they so cute!!

  13. Marie says:

    Wow, are you serious. They are so cute, the brown-skin one looks better. Yummy Yum Yum

  14. tHeQueenBee says:

    they got sum juicy lip (bites lips) lmaooooo

  15. RedBoi says:

    I’m good solo for now, you gotta love yourself before you can be loved!

  16. Larry says:


  17. kel says:

    I want ooooonnnneeee (a bf). ^_^

  18. mS.jAY says:

    damn they both fine as hell!!!!!!!!! but they r cute!

  19. martel203 says:

    They are a cute couple… Its time for me to get a boo

  20. sackstacks says:

    they aren’t that cute to me..


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