According to ———->>>> Chris Strokes Stokes, Um LEGENDARY GROUP —>>> Immature is gearing up to Release some New Music! Um, Earth to Chris Stokes, WhO’s Checkin for Immature! Honestly, Who rememberS –>>> Immature? Didn’t they Change their Name to IMX? &, by the way Chris, When is Marques Houston Addressin all these Allegations of him touching these boys booty Holes & Why haven’t he touched Bimbo WineHouse Booty Hole yet? HELLO! SHUT UP BIMBO! —————————————–>>>>

12 responses »

  1. A12 says:

    No shade Bimbo honey but they are my group I would love to see them make a comeback!

  2. kasey says:

    don’t nobody want to see a big grown ass man group named immature. that shit is over and done honey.

  3. LennyLove says:

    okay really dnt no one cares immature/imx or whateva they wanna be called coming back.

  4. msmindyourbiz says:

    @ladyvixen…you stooopid for that one..LOL, I do see a resemblance

  5. Ladyvixen says:

    Oh shit! Snap Crackle &Pop!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Like WTF…. niggas need to kno that GOOD boi bands are hardto come so for him to waste his tme trying to bring back a wack ass band is just giving us something to talk bout… especially we ur bring bck fags nad ur star is a dude that rapes his fellow members… wat band has done a successful come back….. pow….. Jay

  7. I Like Them When I Was Growing Up… Gave Me Trade For The 90’s But I’m Sure I’ll Just Watch They Video On Mute Cause As Boring As They Are… YOU CAN’T DENY SEXY! Aooowww Powww lol

    N On Marques Houston Smashin’ Them Buttcheeks? *Sigh* He Basically Gonna Say What We ALL ALREADY KNOW
    Marques Houston Quote – ” Ummmm Are Ya’ll Dumb? OFCOURSE I WAS BANGIN’ THESE NIGGAS!! You Thought We Was Just Gonna Make Music??!!”

  8. adrienne says:

    ugh. FAIL. Marques betta quit playin

  9. SheLikeOhHellNaw says:

    Marques Houston & the extras
    The 1 with the eye patch should do a tarck with slick rick

  10. RedBoi says:

    Well if the sucking is hot then it’s another story, but I’m still confused as to if Marques done
    sexed up Raz B as well he does seem suspect I already know Chris stokes is a damn culprit

  11. Larry says:

    LDB is a cutie and is Romeo eye messed up or just cocked lose the patch

  12. Beonthelkout says:

    Good Luck! No body is checking for IMX.


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