<img title=”55500″ src=”https://shutupbimbo.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/55500.jpg” alt=”” width=”360″ height=”461″ />

7 responses »

  1. SASHA FIERCE says:


  2. :) says:

    omg i have him as a friend on BGC i should so tell him to check this out!… smh….

  3. Smashboogie says:

    Omg Bimbo this is child p-no!!!!
    Smh his peepee crazy small lol it ain’t big enough to qualify as a dick!
    Smh bless his heart

  4. Jay says:

    That boi is a nice bottom and i bet he has a pretty ass

  5. msmindyourbiz says:

    His waist is tiny as can be…like a little woman. N.M.T. tho.

  6. Ladyvixen says:

    Y post the pic if u ain’t showing what u got? damn meatball

  7. sexiNi99a says:

    cant really see the face, but his waves sexy as shit…lol


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