Word has it, there’s Trouble in ———>>> Mary’s Marriage! I mean, Sad to hear! But, Look on the Bright side, which Means, we all might get that Good Ol Depressd Real Mary J. Blige Music, all the Black women in the Hood love to hear! We are keeping our Fingers crossed for a Divorce! Dam, im wrong, Oh Well! Shut up Bimbo! ————————————————>>>>

4 responses »

  1. bombshell says:

    yes. better album not like that wack shit she’s been putting out for the last decade

  2. msmindyourbiz says:

    Agree w/wifey…love depressed Mary the best

  3. Ladyvixen says:

    Mary j did u lose weight?

  4. wifey says:

    yes bimbo!!!v the mary j of the 90’s was sanging her soul! nothing like a little drama to bring out the creativity….


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