What ya think? Me Likes, Alot! What about you? SHUT UP BIMBO! ———————————->>>>>

7 responses »

  1. Aurora Alex says:

    Lyn is my hommie she doing her thang and breaking bitches mics … Its her time like she said.. give her room to blossom as an artist.. Xoxo Da Hommie Darlyn =]

  2. Peter Barnes says:

    Whats good. It’s ya homeboy Peter from Mobile AL, via Detroit, MI. Checking in with my lil ma Lyn Carter up here in NYC making due with whats available to achieve whats attainable while making hits. Dont sleep on shawty cause she official with what shes doing. Yea P-Tro said that. Arianna and Javarion, daddy loves ya.

  3. fcukouttahere919 says:

    yawn…fcuk is she talking about? while she bullshittin downtown bklyn she could b visiting the dentist. HOT mess.

  4. me says:

    are y’all hearing and seeing the same thing I am? She sound wack and the video looks like trash. Caution tape? Bisch please #FAIL

  5. wifey says:

    thumbs up!!

  6. FACTS says:

    ONE WORD—-> HOT!!!!


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