i Can’t, i CAn’t i Cant! Ewwwww, i KNow, that Cuchie StiNk, lmao! dam, At Least put the Sheets on the Bed, lol.. i CANTTTTTTTTTT!  SHUT UP BIMBO! ————->>>>

4 responses »

  1. HARLEMHONEY139 says:

    she look good and funky.I bet her ass hasnt seen a wash rag in days

  2. msmindyourbiz says:

    Dirty. everything just screams dirty…eewwww! And can you wash your little dirty baby fingerprints from around the doorknob?? Hate that shit

  3. Ladyvixen says:

    That is so not cute. She could at least put a pair of jeans on. Then it would look a little better.

  4. Lady Love says:

    Eww by a new mattress new draws and paint them.DAMN walls or wash them eww.


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