Dam Folks, still do this? Taking Pictures Flashing Money! Where, they do that At? I mean, if you’re going to Brag & Flash! Flash some Dick! Or, Brag with shit, I never had, like a Mansion or something! I counted up all the $20 Dollar bills, in total Meatball has about 22 Bills! So, if you multiply 22×20 =$440. LIKE FORREAL, Your Flashing $440. I CANT, NEXT! At Least, he’S CUte ——>>> SHUT UP BIMBO! ——————————————————–>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

7 responses »

  1. Dont Worry says:

    Thats more than 22 bills its like at least 30

  2. Randycash says:

    he got an xtube page lol

  3. Smashboogie says:

    LMAOOOOOOOO *DEAD* his head got a pothole!!! @Anti Jemima you hit it on the head… Literally lmaoooo

    And he better put away his brothers re-up money

  4. msmindyourbiz says:

    ^^^Hahaha lumpy head…lmao

  5. Anti Jemima says:

    He cute but his head is lumpy as fuck

  6. regina wise says:

    thats so old school, i still dont believe people still do that but who knows 2 day they 2-morrow they dont so i guest its best 2 show wht they had.

  7. Adam says:

    hahaaaa the way you expose people is crazy!! i love it!


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