—>>> Awww, BeyonCe PArentS, hAve deCided to STAY 2gether! Mathew and Tina were due in court yesterday for a divorce hearing and neither one of them showed up and the case was dismissed. Becuz, we all Know, Mathew Knowles Creepd out On tina! Im Over this Story! Happy to see the 2, Work it Out & Stay together! SHUT UP BIMBO! ———————–>>>

6 responses »

  1. Ladyvixen says:

    Lol! Y’all are crazy

  2. starr* says:

    Anti jemima… Ur hatin… Let them be. They all makin money and beyonce is THAT BITCH!

  3. Anti Jemima says:

    I don’t know. Their whole family is creeepy! Like I imagine they sleeps in coffins at night or something. Beyonce and the mom are so mechanical the only that looks like they have a soul is the little sister but I guess her skin is too dark for the daddy to put her on the hoe stroll like BeYAWNce.

  4. Lady_c says:

    Ohh gud for them…n e x t !

  5. De'Shon says:

    they’ll be goin thru da same shit next year

  6. De'Shon says:

    dat marriage aint nothing but a business arrangement please give me a break


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