Dam, Didn’t these 2 Meatballs Split up? Well, in any Case Vivica A. Fox was accompanied to Philadelphia by Slimm over the weekend. While there, Vivica hosted a Baileys Signature Event’ at Thirteen Restaurant in the Marriott Hotel! AND, I must say, these 2 make a VERY, VERY Hot Couple, Viv, you better Werk Bitch! WERK! I love me some Viv! SHUT UP BIMBO! —————————————–>>>>>

7 responses »

  1. Blake says:

    She looks like she stuck her face onto a blowup doll and is standing behind it so we don’t see how she really looks. And any dude with dark shades and a hat pulled down low is suspect to “Objects may appear differently in real life than how you see in the mirror.”

  2. Ladyvixen says:

    Vivica is going through something. Not sure what it is but vivica is never desperate. Love her still.

  3. mizzomg says:

    luv her n he lookin guuuddd

  4. eb says:

    She is the picture of desperation.

  5. Lady_c says:

    Yes god they are h o t !

  6. Dannon says:

    i liked her before she became plastic

  7. De'Shon says:

    they’re either 2getha or Vivica jus needed him as eye candy to make her luk gud. she’s still a bad bitch in my eyes


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