Shut Up Bimbo! ———————————————–>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

8 responses »

  1. Mecaria_86 says:

    Yes I agree, dick was looking NiCE! …but he desperately needs a haircut cuz he aint cute…that MiGHt make him look a little better lol

  2. applebottom says:

    Okay….. Now what the fuck was that???

  3. mizzomg says:

    once i saw dat dick i didnt look anywhere else wat was on da vid LOL

  4. mas bajos says:

    omg..block his face n his thing was just sitting there looking GOOD!!

  5. eb says:

    I love Sponge Bob. Now the mirrored headboard not so much.

  6. De'Shon says:

    ummmm gay boots due to da Spongebob pj’s but sexy asss fuck oh and u otha two gon hav to wait to get on dat dick cuz im kidnappin his ass for a whole two weeks and i plan to DRAIN HIS ASS DRY LOL YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  7. Jason says:

    I dont know what he was doing…But i want to suck that dick…I just saw it bouncing, calling my name…hehehe

  8. Wonkaboobreezy says:

    he doesnt have the cutest face but that dick looks juicy!!!! lml!


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