iS —————->>>Melyssa Ford Starting to Look like Tina from APT. 6C? Melyssa, used to be one of the Baddest Chicks in the GAME, What’s going on Gwarl? Anywho, there she is Pictured with ———>>> DJ Clue (SHADES DOWN) & She looks Tore Down, there I said it! She just looks like, She’s over it! SHUT UP BIMBO! ——————————————>>>>

7 responses »

  1. Ladyvixen says:

    Oh boy! Get it together girl

  2. Blake says:

    DJ Clue is such a cutie. He’s always wearing a hat though. He’s prolly hit up without it..But I don’t think I’d care…

  3. Smashboogie says:

    She look like Clue smh

  4. mizzomg says:

    she looks bad n doin bad….i heard she moved in wit her fam or her man fam smfh

  5. stop says:

    who is that

  6. PINK FRIDAY says:


  7. mike says:

    bimbo who is tina from 6c lol


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