iMMa need f0r you to give me that TOwel, right after you done wiping Your BAlls, YeSSir! SHUT UP BIMBO!———————————————>>>>>>>>

9 responses »

  1. sabs says:

    Yo wat r dng wit a towle in ur bols niga u corupt thts nt g

  2. kb says:

    bimbo, you so wrong…lol love it

  3. Ladyvixen says:

    Ewwwwwww! Nasty stank ass! He look like he smell rank

  4. sorry to say my homegirl fucked him,u know those lil tiny party sausages they serve well i hope u like those im addition she said he came supa fast,his grill was fucked up,discolored teeth and smoked cigs i know she aint lying cuz 4 one she showed pics the morning afta and who in the hell would lie abt his lame ass,eeew

  5. eb says:

    Sweaty musky balls smell and taste sweet and salty.

  6. The boss says:

    Hmmmm i wanna c how big his dick is cuz he FINE AS FUCK i’ll lick his balls & suck his dick n/e day (but he would have 2 clean them 1st) lmao…

  7. Da says:

    Yeah, it’s Yung Berg but Yung Bird would also be appropriate (hate him).

  8. Blake says:

    Kinda unclear, but gets a tentative YEP..Until further clarification..

  9. De'Shon says:

    gul its Yung Berg u spelled it wrong hun lol and shid fuck da towel how bout me and him jus shower 2getha so i kan clean them then giv him sum of dis million dollar head


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