MAkes Me AlMost WAnna GO to ChurCh! lil Bwoy can Sing, Owwwwww! Speaking of ChurCh,

CheCk thiS Out: i Can’t, AlWays them ChurCh FOlks! SHUT UP BIMBO! ————————————————>>>>>>>>>>>>>

6 responses »

  1. iiike says:

    No this is in my home town, i know that building and church!

  2. NinaShay says:

    Oh Bimbo, I got a couple friends that are the daughters of preachers, and I promise they are the worst kind of hoes I ever did meet. lol

  3. RichieRich says:

    LMAO…church bus in front of Adultstore, typical. Meleke can really sing. xoxox

  4. msmindyourbiz says:

    Saaaang Meleke! That boy has some major talent.

  5. Ladyvixen says:

    Yes indeed! They ready too talk about fornication adultery gays lesbians and everything wrong under gods eyes but yet they smoke drink talking about who slept with the pastor and who husband is sleeping with whomever and everything in between. SMH.

  6. jim bo says:

    lol, does that say tx on the bus??


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