————–>>> RAPPER Foxy Brown in COURT AGAIN! refused a plea deal Yesterday  on THIS SAME BULL SHIT CASE… UGH, WHY ARE WE STILL DEALING WITH THIS????????????????? Anywho, misdemeanor charges of violating a court order!  Last summer Foxy Brown was accused of cursing out and mooning her neighbor Arlene Raymond and was arrestd & charged with ——–>>  public lewdness and harassment.  SMHHHHHHHHHH! ——->>> fOXY May have gotten away with this, had this not been the same neighbor who’d filed a restraining order on Foxy after Boogie cracked her head with a blackberry, LMAO! @ her hearing ———->> Foxy was offered a plea deal but refused to accept it and instead will have her case tried before a judge. The trial date is February 11. Foxy is facing up to a year in prison if convicted.

FOxy, Foxy FOXy, you kNOW.. I love you MA! BUt, BitCh enuff of these Court Cases, I’m so going to Lock you in a Studio! You are a Beast on the MiC, Get Back on it Gwarl! SHUT UP BIMBO! ——————————>>>>>>>>> 

6 responses »

  1. SupremeBitch!! says:

    She needs to be locked away in somebody jail cell cuz that bitch aint got no home training!!

  2. mizzomg says:

    really foxy….really?? 2 much time bullshit n not enough tyme recordin bytch get it 2gether

  3. harlemthugmiss says:

    Foxy Brown need to stop bullshiting and take it back to 03. When her and Gav was goin hard. Also wut the hell is dat new gyptian remix… Gurl boom. Dis aint shade foxy I’m speaking from the tittay. Gurl I luv u!!!

  4. applebottom says:

    What Foxy need to focus on is her music, Because i am so tired of this nicki minaj character. We need real females in hip hop.

  5. Ladyvixen says:

    All I know Is if foxy don’t come back spittin I will be highly upset. I am gettin tired of the same ole shit. Please foxy get this over with already please.

  6. Mika says:

    You rite Bimbo, she really is a beast on da mic! She need 2 get it 2getha n shut Nicki Minaj DOWN! She can be a picture taker lik dat dog lukn gurl! lls I cant!


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